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What we do

We're more than just plumbers, we're specialists in heating services. We offer a full customer service experience. From initial consultation and specialist advice, through boiler and central heating installation, to servicing and maintaining. Whatever your heating needs, we're here to help for the long-term. We're committed professionals that work within Gas Safe™ standards. We're confident that you'll be so happy with our work that you'll invite us back to keep an eye on your boiler installation and service when required.

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Boiler upgrades & installations

We can upgrade and install new boilers quickly and efficiently. If you need a new boiler, you may qualify for the government scrappage scheme that can save you hundreds of pounds on a new boiler. Please contact us to discuss if you could qualify for a grant or discounted new boiler.

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Boiler servicing

If it's been some time since your boiler has been checked, we can administer a little T.L.C. servicing to make sure it keeps on running nicely throughout the year. Chances are it will be fine, but a quick check can stave off more expensive work.

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Central heating systems

We can offer partial and full central heating installations. So, if you're lucky enough to have just bought a house at auction that needs a full central heating make-over, we can do it. Or, if you simply need a few radiators replacing, we can do that too.

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Hot water delivery

Hot water can be taken for granted, but when it stops flowing on demand it can be very frustrating. From the kitchen tap to the bathroom shower, we can make sure your hot water demands are met.

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Specialist advice

If you're not sure what you need, or you're worried about how much or how big a project you might have, please get in contact with us. We offer specialist advice to make sure you're in a position to make the most informed choice.